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#06BAR // Proxemic Design

This traditional kitchen sidepiece, a bakers rack, has been adopted for modern use.  Inspired by the research of anthropologist Edward T. Hall, curves pertaining to proxemic ranges informed the design.  Utilizing arcs that correspond to both social and personal ranges, the edges of the structure contact the invisible bubble of space we carry with us.  The shape of the legs, for example, is the result of their relationship to the wall (flat) and their relationship to the user's social space (an 8' foot arc).  This form is repeated a third time, again in steel, to form a rigid cross brace that bridges the two social legs.  In warmer tones, three wooden shelves form a smaller, more personal arc.  The relationship is powerfully symbolic.  While a rigid steel frame defines the edges of social contact, warmer organics trace the limits of our personal space, embrace our curiosity, and stimulate dialogue.